Dr. K G Sharma
Chief Operating Officer
QCFI-Delhi Chapter

Dear Friends,

I extend my heartiest congratulations to our Member Organizations & Institution who have extended their kind cooperation & support for our Chapter’s programs/ events to a great extent. We do express our sincere thanks all those organizations that have shared their valuable feedback in 2019, which will help us to improve the quality & delivery of our upcoming programs /events.

 Chapter’s major achievements in 2019 are as under:

Ø  300 Man-days Training Programs including outbound program & workshops conducted at 40 Organizations on TQM, QC, LQC, TEI, Lean Manufacturing, 5’S’, Re-layouting, Resources Optimization, Low Cost Automation, 7QC Tools of Problem Solving, Kaizen & Safety

Ø  Audit preparation & Audits done at 08 Organizations on IATF, ISO 14001, Safety & 5 ‘S’

Ø  02 Organization awarded for 5 ‘S’ Certification & 03 in progress

Ø  320 Team participated in Chapter Convention on Quality Concept (CCQC) & 2300 delegates from 120 organizations have witnessed the events at 4 different locations

Ø  290 Team have participated in 33th National Convention on Quality Concept (NCQC-2019) in Dec 19 from Northern Region out of total 1645 Teams

Ø  35 Team participated in International Convention on Quality Concept (ICQC-2019) in Oct 19 at Japan from Northern Region out of total 116 Teams from India

Ø  100 Team Participated in Chapter Conclave on Low Cost Automation, 400 delegates from 50 organizations have witnessed the events at 2 locations

Ø  Chapter extended support for QC in education for 22nd International Student Quality Circle Convention (ISQCC-2019), organized by CMS, Lucknow in the month of Nov 19.

Ø  300+ QC Propagation visits conducted to increase the spread for membership & events in the region

Ø  Increased Membership of Institutional Life & Individual Life (Cumulative membership 220 for Organizations & Institutions and 385 for Individual Life members) 

We will be sharing Chapter’s events plan for 2020 with our Members shortly & the same will also be uploaded in our website www.qcfidc.com  for the benefits of our member’s organisations.

I am confident enough that QCFI will be more stronger by adding new programs /events for benefits of the organisations. We will try our level best to provide better service to our members / organisations

All the Best