Sh. Ravi Kumar Pisipaty
Current Chairman
QCFI-Delhi chapter

Plant Head
Dharuhera, Neemrana & GPC , Hero Motocorp Ltd.

 Dear Friends,


 As you all are already aware QCFI-DC is facilitating, supporting industries, corporates, educational institutes & service sector over 28 years since its formation in 1991 for the improving Quality of human resources and to create the human capital.

Total Employee Engagement Initiative is the pathway to overall success for improving Quality of services, the role of public & private sector was designed to discuss the range of issues connected with redefining & reshaping, the services which is perhaps the biggest challenge faced by our country today. 

QCFI DC also supports, organizations to enhance the level of participation towards the Total Employee Involvement & Engagement thru Chapter’s Conclaves & Conventions, Kaizen Conclaves and other competitive events in the chapter. This platform enhances the knowledge level of the participants through collective learning, as new methods and techniques are applied for solving problems every day by all of us.

QCFI-Delhi Chapter is committed to assist the organization to identify training needs through a diagnostic study tools & design customize training model, covering various topics such as TPM, 5S, QC Tools, Management tools, behaviour & competency mapping tools & techniques for training and development. It has also covered topics such as specialized programs to improve design & delivery, measurement of performance. QCFI DC also helps in creation of synergy  among the Supply Chain across for the well being of the nation.

Towards the digitalization, It is a good initiative of Delhi Chapter to live their website to increase the propagation of Quality Concepts thru e-learning programs besides their upcoming events, workshops & the training programs. I heartily congratulate the team that has worked in creation of this web site and appreciate the efforts gone in making this a live website.

It is a matter of great pride that QCFI-Delhi Chapter has been declared as a BEST CHAPTER 3rd time for speculated performance in 2018 among all the 32 Chapters, Sub Chapters & Centers and achieved Appreciation award in 2019. I believe, with digitization, we can reach bigger heights.

All the Best  

Together we can !