Sh. Vikram S Kasbekar
Chairman Emeritus
QCFI-Delhi Chapter

Executive Director (Plants)
Hero MotoCorp Ltd.

Dear Friends,

Over the years since its formation in 1991, QCFI has focused its operational activities in areas, where it could make the greatest contribution in increasing the Quality performance in process, products and people of our industry, which is critical for success.

I welcome you to the world of continuous improvement. Quality Circles provide an exciting opportunity to unfold new knowledge. Over the years Quality Circles has proved its effectiveness in the Industries, Educational Institutes, Banking, Hospitals & Domestic Sectors towards improving product & process quality along with enjoyable work life.

TEI, Total Employee Involvement through Quality Circles, is an important activity which immensely changes the business performance and increases delivery of industries, this is evident, in terms of mind set changes of employees, decreasing pain areas and overall improvement trend. This also imbibes a culture of continuous improvement (KAIZEN) and perpetual cycle of challenging status quo.

On the occasion of QCFI- Delhi Chapter launch, i.e. www.qcfidc.com launch, I congratulate each and every body for your contribution. Quality Circle has become a word synonymous to life. In this era of perfection our endeavour should be to surpass all standards to give inputs to a world with holding the best future for our coming generations.


A world where there is a balance of Spiritual needs, Economical needs, Emotional needs, Social needs and Quality circle is the only way to achieve all. Quality Circle not only focuses on finding new ways of doing work but also develops the human resource, which is an indispensable resource of any organization; hence we called it as “Creating Human Capital”. I wish to convey the message of cooperation so that everyone benefits from the collective wealth of professional experience and expertise.

All the Best