Sh. Yogesh Munjal
Founder Chairman
QCFI-Delhi Chapter

Managing Director
Munjal Showa Ltd.

Dear Friends,

It gives me immense pleasure to note that QCFI – Delhi Chapter is developing a website. I extend my heartiest congratulations to all the team members who are contributing for the great initiative in the journey of digital India. . We started our journey in 1990. During this period of 29 years , we achieved a lot by organizing seminars and competitions from time to time resulting in ensuring world class quality products in associated industries. As a result of this outstanding quality circle initiative we have won many State , National and International awards.

It is not merely providing information but also imparting knowledge. Developing inquisitiveness, usage of quality tools in problem solving , enhancing customer satisfaction, ensuring continuous improvement through PDCA cycle with highly technical and systematic approach. All the companies actively participating in quality circle activity have improved quality, productivity, reduced cost, improved delivery, improved safety performance and improved the moral of most precious human resource.

You have proved that dedication and perseverance leads to excellent outcome. We strive hard to provide best possible way to facilitate the young brains which enable them to cover all milestones to achieve success and tap out their untapped potential for the benefit of the nation.


I am confident enough that QCFI will be stronger day by day, adding new activities . I wish all the best to the team for future and pray almighty to remain best chapter forever by providing better service to the members.

All the Best