QCFI is recognized as the institution representing the Quality Circle Movement In India and has represented the country in several international forums. The organization has successfully implemented Quality concepts under the TQM umbrella across several industry verticals who have experienced a phenomenal enhancement of their work processes and productivity after implementation of Quality Concept Tools.

QCFI represents India in the 13 nation International Committee that has been set up for organizing International conventions on Quality Concept Circle, annually. To date, QCFI has organized three International convention in India. In addition, chapter convention and National convention are held every year where members present case studies and technical papers are discussed by leading Quality Concept Practitioners. In-house Training and Orientation Programs is QCFI’s main strengths and has conducted numerous such training programs effectively. These in-house programs are based on Quality Circles integrated with TQM and related concepts.

Quality Circle concept was first introduced by BHEL, Ramachandrapuram Hyderabad in the year 1981 in India with the initiation of Mr. S.R. Udpa – GM-Operations. He received the needed support from senior management of BHEL headed by Mr. Madhav Rao. Mr. K.L. Puri, Chairman and Managing Director of BHEL also encouraged this concept by his active involvement. Prof. V. Narayana of Indian Statistical Institute (ISI) of Hyderabad too had knowledge about concept of Quality Circle and ISI, also had presentation material available on the concept. With the help of this material, programmes were conducted in various places and BHEL also rent support by sharing its experiences. Dr.R.C.Agarwal, President, JK Jute Mills Ltd., initiated workers participation in management in 1977. In 1981 he heard about Quality Circles and got in touch with JUSE who directed him to Mr. S.R. Udpa. On his invitation Mr. S.R. Udpa twice visited Kanpur, out of which once with BHEL Quality Circle members. Then M/s JK Jute Mills Ltd., started the QC movement in 1982. Later on they, with the help of Asian Productivity Council invited Mr. Ichiro Miyayuchi of JUSE. Dr.Gaur Hari Singhania and Mr. Ramapati Singhania also took keen interest and with Miyayuchisan’s training it was firmly institutionalised in M/s JK Synthetics Ltd. and M/s JK Jute Mills Ltd. Dr. A. N. Saxena who was the Director General of National Productivity Council also got interested in the concept of Quality Circle and got associated with this movement. Thus Quality Circle movement started spreading in India in a small way but gradually expanded. In fact, world over most of the countries became aware of this concept only in 80s, even though Japanese had been practicing it from the 1960s. Of course, South Korea and Taiwan introduced it much earlier with the help of Japan (1975).

Organize workshops, seminars, conferences, conclaves on various Quality Concepts and technical themes to share expertise and experience.

Motivate participated QC & Other concepts teams by Presenting Awards.

Organize Annual Chapter Convention CCQC to motivate workforce by appreciating their work and presenting awards.

Conduct Productivity, Quality, 5S and Safety Audits.

Guide and encourage QC Teams to participate in National and International Conventions on Quality Concepts.

Organize activities under Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) e.g. Schools, Hospitals, Engineering and Management Institutes.

Release e magazine “CHETNA” by monthly to update member organizations on the Quality concepts and sharing new techniques / knowledge in the areas of TQM.

To act as the nodal body for approving implementation of Quality Circle and other related concepts in organizations.

To function as a common forum for discussion and dissemination of information related to Quality Circle and other quality concepts as part of TQM.

To assist both individuals and organizations to launch and operate Quality Circles integrated with TQM.

To sponsor research programs to further these concepts.

To improve, enrich and uplift the quality of work life and provide opportunities for self-development of members of the Quality Circle.

To form chapters representing the QC forum and lay down policy guideline and procedures for their management, administration and proper functioning.

To cultivate and promote a high standard of ethics amongst its members.

To associate with other National and International organizations engaged in similar pursuits 1982: Quality Circle Forum of India (QCFI) was founded.


To impart training, knowledge and practice of Quality concepts and philosophy with special attention to Quality Circles in the organizations and enable people of our nation to face challenges and achieve success in this fierce competitive world. To disseminate, share and keep abreast in the knowledge of Quality concepts. To create Total Quality People.


Quality Circle Forum of India shall be a national center for propagation of quality concepts and philosophy with special focus on Quality Circles for promoting material, human and spiritual level of people.


TEAMWORK – Always work as a Team.

EXCELLENCE – Always delivering best results.

INTEGRITY – Doing what you say you will do and doing what is right.


We are passionate for propagation of quality concepts and philosophy with special focus on Quality Circles for promoting material, human and spiritual level of people. We are committed to impart training, knowledge and practice, disseminate, share and keep abreast in the organizations and enable people of our nation to face challenges and achieve success in this fierce competitive world. We are here to create Total Quality People.

Total Employee Involvement 98%
Consultancy 85%
Assessment and Audits 90%
Training and Skill Development 95%
Certification 99%
Process Improvement 96%
Networking and Best Practices 90%