About QCFI

Quality Circle Forum of India (QCFI)
QCFI was established as a non-profit body in the year 1982 with Hyderabad as Head Quarters.
QCFI’s objective is to promote and propagate the concept of Quality Circle as an integral part of Total Quality Management and focusing it as an important activity for human resource development in manufacturing industries, service including government.....

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Vision & Mission

Quality Circle Forum of India came into existence in April 1982, as a non-profit, nonpolitical, national professional body with the purpose of creating an environment for active involvement and participation of employees in every area of human endeavour.
QCFI enlarges its scope to develop total quality people and to improve quality of life through the concepts and philosophy of quality with QC as an essential and integral total part.

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Welcome to Quality Circle Forum of India

...Delhi Chapter...

QCFI Delhi Chapter established in 1985.we, the Delhi Chapter of QCFI , Serve, not only the national Capital Region but also the states of Haryana, Punjab, Himachal, J & K, Western UP, Uttaranchal and some part of Rajasthan. TQM integrated with Quality circle movement in the coyntry to harness the vast but heigher - to untapped Potential of grass root level personal in all the sphares of our enterprises. In the process, not only the Quality circles enhance their development and quality of life but more importantly these fuel the growth of national Entriprise.

Yogesh chandra Munjal

(Founder Chairman)

I feel elated and proud as afounder Chairman of QCFI - Delhi Chapter to reach out to you through website of QCFI - Delhi Chapter.
QCFI - Delhi chapter has come a logn way from its infancy and grown in great magnitude over the years is not only solving.